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This trippy animated short captures a night out brilliantly

Good work, Mr Mitchell Crawford!

2016 Jun 14     
2 Bit Thugs

Legal disclaimer: iDJ does not condone the post-club use of kebabs

This isn't exactly 'news', because the film's over a year old. But we stumbled upon it today and wanted to share it with you all, because it captures the clubbing experience (or at least the British city centre clubbing experience) damn-near perfectly.

The film's auteur, Mitchell (or Mitch) Crawford is an animator and illustrator based in Farnham, Surrey. Club Drunk has been screened at numerous short film festivals around the world and was recently made a Vimeo 'staff pick' for May (which is what brought it to our attention now).

Don't know what more we can tell you, really... we could mention that the drawing's a bit Ralph Steadman-y in places, and also reminds us a bit of the rotoscoping technique used by Richard Linklater for the 2001 film Waking Life. But to be honest we're in out of our art depth already, just by typing that, so we'll leave that right there I think.

Nothing clever to say, we just like it.

To find out more about Mitch and his work, find him on Tumblr or at his own website.





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