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Theo Kottis - Turning Around

Quality house bizniss from Skint

2019 Jul 07     
2 Bit Thugs

The Edinburgh-based producer serves up two prime-time house groovers

As a recent contributor to Global Underground's long-running Nu Breed series, the name Theo Kottis might be one you primarily associate with more progressive/melodic house vibes. As this two-part release for Skint shows, though, there are more traditional strings to his house bow too!

The title track, Turning Around, dropped digitally on Friday (5 June), and is a tuff, rolling, tribal-tinged affair topped with a "you got me turning, turning, you got me spinning around" that loops throughout (albeit with some lyrical variations) while trumpets do their thing in the background. If you're old enough to remember Fired Up by Funky Green Dogs, then it has to be said there's a marked resemblance here… but of course, it's 23 years since that record was tearing up house clubs, whereas you can expect this one to be doing so for the next few months' worth of weekends.

The accompanying Want Me Back won't be out digitally till 2 August, which date will also see the release of a vinyl version featuring both cuts. Like the title track, Want Me Back is also a loop-based affair, but for this one we're firmly in filter disco/disco-house territory, with happy-go-lucky strings doing most of the musical lifting as a woman's voice reiterates, over and over, "you ain't coming back, you ain't coming back, you ain't never coming back."

Both tracks will keep house floors looking lively for sure, so it's a bit redundant picking a favourite as they're so different in style. He does get a bonus Brownie point for the cheeky Oasis-biting sleeve, though!

Words: Russell Deeks

Release date: 5 July & 2 August (digital) / 2 August (vinyl)






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