2018 Jan 28     
2 Bit Thugs

We can't tell you much about the artist(s) here, but Dilby supplies the obligatory refix

This two-track EP from Qatar label Superstitious features two great vocal samples, and also benefits from a fine remix of the first track from Berlin’s Dilby.

First up you have the Original Mix of The Drama. The track starts with a sound loop and minimal percussion, which are soon added to by a kick, hi-hat and some claps, plus part of the spoken sample that the track's based on. I'm not sure of its origin, but it's an American spoken sample that's echoed and wrapped in a tech-house groove and sounds pretty cool. Things are then taken up a gear on the Dilby Remix, a real mover with a funky bassline leading the onslaught of tech-house wizardry. There are staccato claps and the vocal sample is cut-up so you just get the words "the drama", while other percussive instrumentation is used to accent the track.

The second track, Slow Down, begins with another loop of rhythms and sounds, before the arrival of a kickdrum that brings things into focus. There's another spoken American vocal sample - saying "slow down, the money ain’t going nowhere" this time - and a breakdown with a subtle one-note string line to add tension. The track also keeps seeming to peter out and then starting up again, to very good effect.

My favourite track here is the Dilby remix, but in general this is a great release that warrants a good listen throughout.

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 22 January



Review Score: 8




Tags: The Rumours, Dilby, Superstitious, tech house, tech-house