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The MOTTO share Lady Bee remix of 'Gunfighter'

Dutch pop/electro duo's debut gets a trap makeover

2016 Feb 26     
2 Bit Thugs

'Gunfighter' is their first official artist release, after years of working as songwriters and producers

The MOTTO are a Dutch duo consisting of singer/songwriter Jalise and producer/songwriter Joveek. The pair have long worked behind the scenes in music but now they're stepping out into the limelight with their debut single Gunfighter.

"Usually we work for other people," says Jalise. "With The MOTTO we can show who we are. We are proud of our ideas, creativity and opinions, even when it's different from what's out there. The MOTTO is art from the heart, without boundaries."

In its Original form, Gunfighter is a slice of haunting, leftfield electro-pop sitting somewhere between Charlie XCX and London Grammar. But the reason it's here today is the accompanying refix from fellow Netherlands native Lady Bee, which takes the track into trap territory, where snarling, grinding bass and Jalise's sugar-sweet vocal counterpoint each other perfectly.

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