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That Special Record are giving away free vinyl!

Follow them on Instagram for a chance to win

2016 Mar 17     
2 Bit Thugs

You can also tag friends to get an extra entry in the draw

That Special Record (TSR) is a vinyl subscription club - a bit like the book clubs were popular in the 70s and 80s - that's designed to help those living far from any physical record stores get their hands on underground releases they might not encounter otherwise.

There are various different subscription plans, but basically you can sign up for one LP a month, or one LP and one EP a month. The price varies depending how long you commit for, with one-, three- or six-month deals available, but you're looking at between €28 and €39 monthly. As for what you can expect musically, TSR tell us: "We only pick records we love, typically house, techno and ambient limited edition releases. Most of the picks are records limited to 150-400 copies, or under- the-radar records we believe are essential to any record collection." You can see some of their previous picks here.

Recently, That Special Record have given their website a spanking new redesign, and to celebrate that fact they're currently giving away one vinyl LP a day - free, gratis and for nothing. For your chance to win, you just need to give them a follow on Instagram; if you also tag two friends, then you get entered into the draw twice. Be quick, though - the daily giveaway finishes on 22 March.

Good luck... oh, and if any iDJ readers DO happen to be the lucky one, we'd love to hear what record you get sent and what you think of it!





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