2018 Jul 22     
2 Bit Thugs

Cut Snake and Eyes Everywhere take care of remix duties on Country Club Disco's latest

Not much info with this release beyond the label and artist name and the fact the remixes are by Cut Snake and Eyes Everywhere, so let's hear what the music has to say.

The Original Mix of Pump It Up starts with a swung drum pattern, a funky bassline, the vocal sample and a pad sound that rises in volume to provide tension. There's then a baby breakdown with brass stabs before the track builds afresh with the bassline, drum fills, old school electro stabs and vocal snippets thrown in, which all work like a charm. It's based round the familiar "pump it up" vocal sample and is super-funky, with bongo fills and LinnDrums to give it an old school/new school feel - a peaktime track if ever I heard one.

The first remix is by Cut Snake, and begins with tizzy hi-hats and a kick, then introduces a different but equally funky bassline and vocal chops with a lot of effects applied. This rub is sparser than the first but equally driving. The "pump it up" sample is only used quietly in the background, and apart from that they could be two separate tunes. The Eyes Everywhere Remix is faster and builds through percussive layers and a snare roll into a high-energy funkster with the vocal sample used extensively, but as if it's being scratched into the backbeat, which works well.

My favourite is the Original Mix but all are competent rump-shakers that should see this track being picked up by a good amount of DJs who like to rock the funky beat.

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 20 July



Review Score: 8




Tags: Tenova, Country Club Disco, Golf Clap, Eyes Everywhere, Cut Snake