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T-Minus is a new app for tinnitus sufferers

Train your brain to block out unwanted sounds

2020 Mar 04     
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Tinnitus is a big problem among musicians and DJs, and costs the NHS £750 million each year

If you don't suffer from tinnitus, count yourself lucky! The condition, which leaves sufferers with a permanent ringing in their ears, is a professional hazard for those whose work (or social life) has involved spending years of their lives in loud gig/club environments, and while the last 15 years or so have seen much greater awareness of the importance of proper hearing protection, that awareness came too late for many: around 1 in 8 people in the UK are thought to have the condition.

Hopefully, though, new app T-Minus may offer some relief. Developed by musician and tinnitus sufferer Rupert Brown, who's worked with the likes of Roy Ayers, Cher and The Lighthouse Family, alongside a team of hearing therapists, audiologists and ENT consultants, the app works by first analysing what form your particular tinnitus takes, then putting together a personalised audio therapy programme drawing on a huge sound therapy library.

Users then play this programme back on their phone when they go to bed at night, with the idea being that your brain learns to ignore certain frequencies. There's no cure for tinnitus, but this way the impact it has on a user's daily life (such as by keeping them awake at nights) can be minimised.

As well as the audio therapy programme itself, users also get access to an online library of tinnitus information. The app is free, and is available now for iPhone – find it on the App Store. For more information, check out the video below or hit up T-Minus's own website.







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