2019 Jul 07     
2 Bit Thugs

French vocalist Charlotte Balibar releases her first single on fledgling NYC label The Sound of New York City

If you like it on the deep and soulful side, you'll love this release from TSoNYC, the New York-based label recently born out of the long-running web radio station of the same name. Or perhaps we should "if you like it any of several deep and soulful sides", because with eight mixes in total there are passes to suit a range of tastes here.

In its Original form, Feel The Vibe opens in time-honoured deep house fashion with pads, shakers and a ponderous bassline. Gently rolling house beats then kick in, heralding the arrival of one the most distinctive vocals you'll hear in a good while – the 'verses' are spoken, the 'chorus' (ie the title) is sung, and both parts rattle back and forth between French and English. More gentle keys and pads – including some just luvverly jazz piano licks – then carry the Original to its end, with the overall vibe vaguely reminiscent of Vanessa Daou's classic 1994 Zipless album.

As for the remixes… Glenn Davis introduces a little added Latin energy with Rhodes, slap bass and some analogue-sounding synth squelch, and DJ Rocca serves up a more contemporary-style deep house pass, before label bass Danilo Braca delivers not one but three re-rubs. His Dream House Remix is an ambient/Balearic kinda thang, the Nu Disco Remix is fairly self-explanatory but sports some excellent synth bass, but if it's a more radical reversioning you're after then head for Braca's Fooling In The Dark Remix, a fine slice of acid-tinged deep tech bizniss. Radio edits of the Original and Davis mixes complete the package.

The Original and Nu Disco Remix are probably the ones I'd reach for first, personally speaking, but there's no doubting the wide appeal of this quality package – the real star of which is, of course, SuperJaimie's vocal performance rather than any given mix.

Words: Russell Deeks

Release date: 5 July (Traxsource) / 19 July (general release)



Review Score: 8




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