2018 Nov 23     
2 Bit Thugs

London producer Glass serves up three originals, with Jobe, Kiko and DAF (UK) remixes

This tech-house release features three original cuts and three remixes, all of which share a slightly prog-leaning feel.

Opener and title track Sirius is a midtempo tune that starts with a soft kick and vocal wailing. As the track develops, it brings into play bleeps and and a low bottom-end, with epic sounds and a chugging feel that gives it a certain panache. Its soundscape is very futuristic, with a galloping synth riff throughout. The remix by Jobe starts out with no beats, but then adds them and follows a similar willowy path to the original. Again there are bleeps and other futuristic sounds, but used somewhat more sparingly here. 

Next is Leonis, which starts with a stabbed synth and adds an almost breakbeat drum pattern and more futuristic sounds. The remix of this one comes from Kiko, who speeds things up and starts with a galloping bassline, then adds pronounced percussion and big synth riffs that again have a progressive feel. Finally you have Gliese, which starts with a tight kick and pad sound and adds soft synth strokes, claps and then a sliding bass riff. The remix by DAF (UK) has a percussive intro with more futuristic sounds in play, xylophone and cosmic keys, which make for a very smooth-flowing track.

My two favourite tracks are the remixes of Leonis and Gliese – they have the most energy and would therefore work best on a dancefloor – but this is a great release all round.

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 19 November



Review Score: 7




Tags: Steve Glass, Dear Deer Records, Jobe, Kiko, DAF (UK), tech house, tech-house