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Steve Bug announces new album for 2018

He's teamed up with Langenberg to create 'Paradise Sold'

2018 Jan 17     
2 Bit Thugs

The album's out on Poker Flat Recordings on 6 April

The next long-player from Steve Bug will be a full-length collaboration with German deep house favourite Langenberg entitled Paradise Sold. Bug's seventh studio album, it will be released by Poker Flat Recordings on 6 April. 

We've had a sneak preview of the album, and suffice to say fans of Bug's deep, dubby and minimal take on house and techno are highly unlikely to come away disappointed!

"I think I speak for the both of us when I say, by combining forces, we came up with tunes that we wouldn't have created on our own," said Bug of the collaboration.

Langenberg - real name Max Heesen - agreed, saying: "I really enjoyed the process of making this album. We weren't just sending tracks back and forth over the internet, it was the two of us working together in the studio. It was interesting to experience how the tracks came to life. In the end all the tracks have both of our hand-writings, but the final result has become bigger than just the sum of our individual input."

The full tracklisting for the album is as follows:

01. Senior Elfo
02. NGC 6240
03. Paper Stabs
04. A Touch Of Detroit
05. Chord Cluster
06. The Teaze
07. Search For Xur
08. Late Harvest
09. Tales Of The Beijing Duck
10. Sleepwalker’s Bridge

…and you can check out A Touch Of Detroit right here:



Paradise Sold is out on Poker Flat Recordings on 6 April, trailed by the single NGC 6240 on 23 February





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