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Stefano Fontana

"4 Those Who Likes The Underground Feet #5"

Label: Beatraxx

2020 Dec 17     
2 Bit Thugs

The artist formerly known as Stylophonic serves up five very classy, very jazzy house cuts

This EP is the fifth in the series, but the first to land in my inbox. Which means I'm now gonna have to hit up the download stores and hurt my wallet a bit, because 4 Those Who Likes The Underground Feet #5 is the bomb.

Stefano Fontana may be better known to some of you, at least, as Stylophonic, who scored a hit in the early 00s with the soul-tinged Balearic track If Everybody In The World Loved Everybody In The World. For this EP, though, he's firmly in the territory that I don't really want to call "jazz-house", because that conjures up all sorts of self-indulgent noodly muso nonsense. And there's no self-indulgent noodly muso nonsense here… so let's call it, instead, deep house with a VERY jazzy twist.

Yes, it's long on brushed snares, cascading piano licks, smokey sampled vocals, mournful trumpet parps and other tropes from a bygone musical age. But rest assured, all five of these tracks are built with the dancefloor firmly in mind - in fact, I'd go so far as to say that if these don't move you, you might want to check you've actually still got legs! For once, it really is a case of 'all killer, no filler', while the female rap vocal on Party Going On helps keep things from getting too same-y.

If you've any love at all for jazz-tinged house music, you need this EP in your life.

Words: Russell Deeks

Release date: 18 December



Review Score: 9




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