2017 Mar 05     
2 Bit Thugs

The EP comes from the mysterious Spok Da Rok, who claims to hail from outer space...

There's not a lot of information available about this second release from fledglng Kent-basel label Fade To Funk - Spok Da Rok's Facebook page claims he's from outer space, and that's about all we could find out! But if you're looking for some quality deep house vibes, step right on in...

There are just the two tracks to choose from. First up is Oohm Bap, which opens with brisk drums and tinkling, chime-y synth sounds. A fat walking bassline, lavish chords and cut-up female vocal fragments are then added to create an eyes-down groover that'll be perfect for small-hours dancefloor action in the specialist clubs, with some lovely Detroitian string stabs on top merely sealing the deal. Flip it, and We Dance rocks slightly tuffer 4/4s, warm bass, crowd noise, Afro vocal cut-ups, and more of those killer chords and string stabs, the overall effect being not dissimilar in feel to the A but with a more soulful twist.

If it's all gonna be as good as this, let's hope there's plenty more to come from Fade To Funk!

Words: Russell Deeks

Release date: 27 February



Review Score: 8




Tags: Spok Da Rok, Fade To Funk, deep house