2018 Feb 18     
2 Bit Thugs

The techno producer joins forces with the singer from Swiss soul band The Pussywarmers

This two-tracker features two tracks: one techno, one ambient, and both are good examples of the genres represented.

First up is Infinity Of Time itself, which starts with a massive kickdrum, animal sounds and a looped pair of sparse, whip-like claps. It's all very minimal and ethereal, and as it reaches a breakdown you get lush synth chords and spoken female vocals from Réka, singer of the Swiss group The Pussywarmers. Her vox are dark and intense, and fit in perfectly with the overall feel of the track. As we move forward there are more jungle sounds and giant deep brass horn notes, as well as a second breakdown which is a repeat of the first.

The second track, First Night In An Empty World, is a total contrast: it's an ambient excursion with looped radio distortion, pulsing tones and virtually no percussion whatsoever. It does feature Réka’s vocals and the same brass sounds as the A, but apart from that it's an altogether different, yet enthralling proposition which sadly is only four minutes long. It reminds me of a Brian Eno track from many decades ago - and a good one at that.

What you have here, then, is a pair of tunes that are very different from the norm yet have managed to catch my attention. Although only one is usable in a set, they both deserve a mention simply for daring to be different.

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 16 February



Review Score: 7




Tags: Specialivery, Réka, The Pussywarmers, Kinesen Records, techno, downtempo, ambient