2020 Nov 14     
2 Bit Thugs

Tony Pontius comes with arguably his most commercial release so far

Blending influences from house, techno, electro, indie, Krautrock and more, Tony Pontius AKA Spatial Awareness's music is aways good… it's just not always that "accessible". Not the kind of thing that would ever get daytime plays on Radio 2, for instance. But Can't Hold Back changes all that.

There are essentially two mixes of Can't Hold Back on offer (there are actually four, but the second two are just Radio Edits of the first). In its Original form, it blends house and electro influences with a strong pop sensibility and an equally strong (though sadly uncredited) female vocal performance – hype sheet comparisons to Stevie Nicks perhaps aren't quite justified, but they're not a million miles off the mark either! Underpin the lot with a big, buzzy bassline and you've got something that sounds like it could be a Moloko or Florence out-take – in the best possible way.

Boys Shorts inject a little more electro/Italo flavour on their spiky angular re-rub: personally I prefer the slightly smoother ride of the Original but in truth the two mixes aren't that different, so you pays your money and you makes your choice! This is something of an electronic pop gem whichever way you slice it, and with the right radio support, who knows – Southend could even have another Top 40-botherer on its hands…

Words: Russell Deeks

Release date: 13 November


Review Score: 8




Tags: Spatial Awareness, pop, house, electro, Boys Shorts, Hottwerk Records