2019 Oct 17     
2 Bit Thugs

South African producer David Makalu serves up a belting EP of very, very deep grooves

Sven Dekker's Amsterdam-based Batavia Records once more come up with the goods to satisfy those in search of some lush, luxuriant deep house grooves.

Johannesburg's SOulfreqtion – a relative newcomer known as David Makalu in everyday life – is the man at the controls for the label's 37th release. His Original Mix of Solace is a laidback, headnodding affair that tops gorgeously warm, resonant kicks and an understated but nonetheless quite hefty bassline with a descending keys riff and dreamy synth atmospherics galore – it's definitely one for warm-up/post-club play but it's really rather lovely. As if to underline the EP's laidback intentions you then get the all-ambient Celestrial Mix of Solace, while two more ultra-deep chuggers complete the set: the lolloping, dubby Get On and the slightly lower-tempo and glitchy Forty Sixty.

With all four tracks evidencing production skills that suggest Makalu's currently rather short discography is likely to grow exponentially over the next few years, this is an EP no self-respecting deep house connoisseur will want to miss.

Words: Russell Deeks

Release date: 18 October



Review Score: 9




Tags: SOulfreqtion, Batavia Records, house, deep house