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Soul Clap announce album #4 'WTF'

Or 'World Transfomation Force', if you prefer

2021 Jan 15     
2 Bit Thugs

The album will be out on Fool's Gold on 22 April, otherwise known as Earth Day

Soul Clap will release their fourth studio album on 22 April. Released to coincide with Earth Day, WTF – or World Transfomation Force – features collaborations with Nona Hendryx, Rich Medina and George Clinton's grandson Tra'zae, among others.

The album is described as “a diverse body of work that hones in on their uniquely soulful spin on underground house, blending in elements of RnB, garage, hip-hop, funk, and downtempo electronica, and this is what Soul Clap had to say about it…

WTF (World Transformation Force) is our reaction to what’s happening to this planet called Earth, and to us, the human beings on it … it’s a wake-up call to action, a time for all of us to join together on the path to positive change. Dance music was born as a subversive, underground movement of marginalized people and we believe it’s our duty to follow in their footsteps and use the power of our culture for positive change. 

“The WORLD is the planet we live on,” they continue, “our home, whose gifts we rely on for survival. The TRANSFORMATION is Universal Love. A reminder that compassion, empathy and human connection from the heart are essential to our energy and have the power to heal. The FORCE is what we need to make an impact. No one said it would be an easy fight for justice, peace and our planet.”

The album is trailed by the World EP, which is out today, with Transformation and Force EPs to follow on 19 February and 19 March, respectively.





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