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Sony could soon allow unofficial remixes on streaming platforms

Dubset deal is a pivotal moment for uncleared samples

2017 Aug 22     
2 Bit Thugs

Bootlegs, edits and unofficial remixes are one step closer to legal streaming platforms thanks to Dubset deal.

Rights clearance start-up Dubset and major Sony Music have signed a deal this week that allows rights holders of uncleared samples and unofficial remixes to receive their due share of royalties. A landmark moment in major label history, for Sony this means can now allow unauthorized use of any of its catalogue on legal streaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music and Google Play. For you it means you’re one step closer to uploading your DJ mix without fear of a takedown notice.  

Dubset are no new company. Established in 2010 they spent years developing unique fingerprinting content ID technology that incorporates a database of 100 million master recordings. Their first major success came last year as their technology enabled Major Lazer & Bad Royal’s My Number to be streamed on Spotify and Apple Music. Because the track had both samples and a cover, it was too complicated for streaming platforms to monetize, but with Dubset's technology it meant all the right parties got paid. Especially Toots & Maytals.

Recently acquiring $4 million in funding, the San Fran/NYC-based start-up also hit the electronic music headlines in May 2016 when they announced a deal with Spotify at Ibiza Music Summit with a view to clearing unofficial DJ mixes on the platform.

“700 million people are listening to mixed content every month”, Dubset CEO Stephen White told Tech Crunch. “If rights holders don’t embrace a platform like us, the content is going to flow anyway and it’s going to flow around them.”

At present any unofficial content flows towards Soundcloud who themselves have were saved from the brink earlier this month with a last minute funding round of $169.5 million from New York investment bank Raine Groupe and Singapore fund Temasek. While Soundcloud has its own content ID technology, its main USP for many music fans are DJ mixes, edits and versions that has been in strong currency since DJ culture began. If Dubset continue to make progress and strike similar deals with Universal and Warner, that currency could well be passing hands on the main streaming platforms... And that dream playlist of Coldplay donk remixes could be closer than we think.






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