2017 Apr 25     
2 Bit Thugs

Just an original and dub to choose from, but we're not complaining

This release is described in the press release as "underground house music at its best... a duo of tracks that delve into tech and deep house sounds, with a sprinkling of electro thrown in for good measure". All sounds good to me, so let's have a listen and see how they sound...

The Original Mix starts with a big kickdrum, tizzy hi-hats and pad sounds. Then the bassline kicks in, followed by a male vocal. It's a chunky, funky houser with an electro bass and one-note strings to add tension in the chorus, and the production and mastering are both very well handled, making this a fine tune that is enthralling to listen to and even better to dance to.

The Dub has a swung drum pattern for the intro and parts of the vocal cut up and thrown in the mix, and is very bass-heavy with added percussion to give it a chunkier groove laden feel. It has slightly more sci-fi synth sounds and, in the breakdown, a clack sound which all work very well together. Again, this tune really makes you want to get up and dance.

The only issue I have is that it isn’t as underground as I expected, but of course that means that it's more accessible to a wider audience. For me the Dub Mix works best due to the eccentricity of the sounds involved, and I can see this tune getting heavy rotation from me over the coming months.

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 28 April



Review Score: 9




Tags: Son Of 8, 8 House Records, house