2017 Aug 22     
2 Bit Thugs

Another jacking gem from Son Of 8 with remixes from Ki Creighton and Mark Jenkyns.

Hanging in the DJ booth… We’ve all been there, getting in the way of the selector, bouncing around, being a nuisance and pilfering the rider. Now there’s a soundtrack for such a pastime courtesy of Liverpool duo Son Of 8. Their original sets the tone gradually as a kick, hi hat and funky guitar riff intro slowly blossoms with percussive layers. Suddenly the funky bass line kicks in and instigates that all essential groove factor. With male vocal sounds and a well-executed female vocal sample the whole track has a swung chunky feel to it.

Remix-wise Ki Creighton comes straight in with a solid kick and crowd samples. Again he builds slowly, deftly subverting the same female vocal and adding a nicely warped bass synth line and cowbells. It’s not as instant as the original but the smouldering build pays off nicely.

Finally Mark Jenkyns adds his own twist with a cool sleazy vibe. With distorted bass, funky guitar licks, synth stabs and the vocal sample cut up into little snippets, Mark’s added his own sense of depth. Complete with a range of ambient sounds coded deep into the texture of the track, it’s a tough call between this and original as the best track of the release.

Just to bring you up to speed, 8 House have been pumping out the good stuff since their inception in February. This is a perfect example of what they’re capable of: no nonsense good time chunky techy house that never disappoints.

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: August 25



Review Score: 9




Tags: Son Of 8, 8 House Records, Ki Creighton, Mark Jenkyns, DJ Booths