2018 Oct 14     
2 Bit Thugs

Italan producer Fabio Bacchini serves up a four-track EP

Sleazy G returns with another new signing, this time an established artist - Skinnybit, who's already signed to a couple of other labels and who's come up with a 4 track EP that truly delivers across all four tracks.

The first track, Still Hot, is a chunky groover. A tough breakbeat intro with vocal shouts builds to a drop before the track really kicks in, with a bad-ass rough and ready loop that's a call to the dancefloor if ever I heard one. The crazy vocals continue and the track rocks throughout. Next up is From The Streets itself, which begins with a rough kick and whooshing sounds, then brings in vocals and a repeating booming bass sound. Then there's a long break and snare build to a dubby vocal section with low bass tones and choppy sounds which sound great.

The third track is another dub-influenced affair called Go Bang. It starts with a riser, then brings in vocal drops, low bass notes and a shuffling drum pattern, and has an old school underground feel throughout. Finally you have Get Lost, which starts with a simple beat and adds female vocal samples and low end grunts and growls and turns into another dubby old-school/nu-school jam that works a dancefloor to a tee.

All four tracks work a treat, with old school hardcore stabs a-plenty and a rough edge to them all that's guaranteed to sound different from the norm and therefore stand out in a set for all the right reasons.

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 12 October



Review Score: 8




Tags: Sleazy G, Skinnybit, Fabio Bacchini, bassline house, G-house