2017 Nov 22     
2 Bit Thugs

The Hedonism Music boss returns to Germany's Mother Recordings

Simion has released a deluge of tracks on the likes of Snatch!, OFF, Defected, Suara and his own Hedonism Music over the last few years, and here he returns to Germany's Mother Recordings with something really special.

The first track is titled XTC and starts off with a conga loop which takes you to the introduction of a galloping bassline and some incomprehensible vocal samples. These lead to the introduction of the main vocal, which is the word "ecstasy" on a loop - and very effective it is too. The track finds its groove nicely and is a real party- starter, with the subject matter being so popular, shall we say, with clubbers and dance music lovers alike! It's aimed squarely at the dance floor and is no doubt going to do very well.

For the next track, Haus, the formula is pretty similar, with a big galloping bassline, a swung drum pattern and lots of vocal samples, plus the famous “my house is your house and your house is mine” sample that still manages to sound fresh after years of blissful aural abuse on many a hit record. It's pretty minimal but nevertheless chunky and very floor-friendly, and I suspect that both cuts will be well received by players and dancers alike.

As for picking a favourite, it's a close call but I have to go with XTC simply because the vocal is fresher. But both tracks score highly on the funkometer which is always a bonus for me and I can see this release going down a storm over the next few months. 

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: Out now



Review Score: 9




Tags: Simion, Mother Recordings, tech house, tech-house