2017 Aug 10     
2 Bit Thugs

It's the Valencian producer's first full release on the label, despite a long association

Valencia-based producer SILES has been a supporter and friend of SCI+TEC since they started out, so it's surprising that this is his first release on the label. And oh boy is it a good one!

There are two tracks of refined techno, of which the first is Pez. This deep chugger starts out with a pleasing percussive intro featuring a wood block backed by an electro bass tone with a kick and closed hi-hat, which are joined by morphing synth lines and a slightly eastern feel thanks to a sitar-like synth. There are jangly sounds and high tones that really drive the track nicely into dancefloor territory as this is a real groover.

The second track, Vies, starts with a dull kick and a galloping bassline and uses the same wood block sound, but is taken in a different direction by the use of female vocal samples and some neat production smarts which give this track a real polished sound. There are subtle (synthesized) violins and a distorted fuzz sound that comes in and out at various junctures, and the track is engineered in a very robust and pleasing way.

Both tracks are expertly executed and should fill many a dancefloor over the coming months. My personal favourite is Vies as the subtle vocal samples and violin sounds give it a little more accessibility than Pez, but both tracks are mini-masterpieces in their own right.

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 11 August


Review Score: 9




Tags: SILES, SCI+TEC, Rafa Siles