2019 Jul 03     
2 Bit Thugs

The German producer comes to Fanciulli's label with two distinctly non-landfill tech-house jams

It's very hip to slag off tech-house right now – which is understandable, in a way, given the sheer number of generic, sounds-alike tracks that have been unleashed on the scene over the past few years. The danger inherent in any such backlash, though – regardless of which genre it is that's suddenly all uncool this year – is that the baby gets slung out with the bathwater, and you end up missing some of the killer tracks that are still emerging therein.

Take, for instance, this two-tracker from Sidney Charles: it's tech-house for sure, but these are no derivative samplepack efforts. Instead, Fnk Hrd is quite a pacey little groove that foregrounds rough-edged garage-y bass, but that somehow has the overall feel of a late 90s disco cut-up. That's definitely not a typical sounds-alike tech-houser, then, but the real meat here is on the (entirely hypothetical) B-side. Hot Moog carries a hint in the title as to its instrumentation and the track itself makes great use of said analogue synth squelch, placing a jaunty, wonky riff front and centre and augmenting it with worldless vocal snips and all manner of other bleeps n' squeaks, to create a track that'll ensure maximum shape-throwing on house, tech-house and less full-on techno floors alike.

In fact, my advice would be to grab a copy and play it to a room full of dancing people at your earliest convenience. Or, of course, you could read the strapline to this review, say "oh, tech-house? That's SOOOO last year" and ignore it. Your call.

Words: Russell Deeks

Release date: 28 June



Review Score: 8




Tags: Sidney Charles, Saved, tech house, tech-house