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"I Came To Jack [Remixes]"

Label: Black Vinyl

2018 Mar 18     
2 Bit Thugs

Spence-Chicago and Antigua's Project 268 work some remix magic

First out in November, Sherø AKA D'Stephanie's I Came To Jack gets a second crack of the whip with new remixes from Spence-Chicago and Antigua's Project 268. This one's been available on Traxsource Promo for a few weeks, but is only getting a full release now.

The Spence-Chicago remix is up first, eschewing the gloriously retro, Marshall Jefferson-esque piano of the Original in favour of a deeper, more current-sounding groove. The fat n' squelchy 303 bassline means it's still got plenty of old skool appeal, but if you found the Original was a bit too much of a nostalgia-fest, this might be the one for you! It's the other remix that really flips Sherø's script, though, as mysterious Antiguan producer(s) Project 268 take us down an entirely different road, placing snatches of the vocal over a backdrop consisting of a simple walking bassline, delicate toppy percussion and, as the track progresses, some fluttering, vaguely Balearic-ish synths.

Of the two, Spence-Chicago's is the best bet for club play, but then Project 268's is the more inventive and radical reworking. Put the two together, then, and you have a very worthwhile remix package.

Words: Russell Deeks

Out: 13 March 



Review Score: 8




Tags: Sherø, Black Vinyl, Project 268, Spence-Chicago