2017 Oct 19     
2 Bit Thugs

Former classical musician Seth Schwarz and Danish producer Westerby join forces

This track was a bit of a mystery, as there was no information with the mailer. What you get is just one original mix and two remixes of a track that it didn't even tell you the name of, though after a bit of digging I eventually found out it was called Zodiac.

Up first is the Kollektiv Ost Remix, which starts with congas and a shuffling drum pattern, then slowly builds with bass tones and a simple arpeggiated synth riff to a breakdown where the track comes more into focus. It's all very subtle and sounds almost progressive as it gently drifts through your synapses. Next up is the Martin Waslewski Remix, which starts with a kick and and a soothing metallic synth sound that's joined by a violin riff as the lead instrument, more metallic chimes that sound like a Tibetan prayer bowl and another arpeggiated synth riff. Again, it's all very subtle and calming and sets you up nicely for the Original Mix, which starts with another shuffling drum pattern and again features the solo violin, along with a live-sounding bass riff and a different arpeggiated synth sound. The violin is the main hook, as in the previous mix, but this mix has a lot more going on and for me is the best of the three.

This is one of those tracks that really gets under your skin, and the Eastern European feel that the violin brings make it stand out from what else is around at present, which is always a good thing.

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 16 October



Review Score: 8




Tags: Seth Schwarz, Westerby, Lost Diaries, progressive house