2016 Sep 11     
2 Bit Thugs

Remixes come from label mates Dinky and NU

This fine two-track release comes with an Original and two remixes of the title track This Moment and just one mix of bonus cut In Time, and the whole EP just oozes quality from every pore.

The title track first got aired over a year ago, on label boss Damian Lazarus’s Radio 1 Essential Mix. People have been asking when it would see the light of day ever since, and now that moment has finally arrived! The track itself is a warm, infectious groove with brings together tight percussion, a solid bassline and quirky samples which, when sprinkled in the musical pot and given a good stir, deliver a musical stew that is enticing, enriched and enthralling.

In Time is not quite as instantly warming but builds with rhythmic drum patterns and a funky organic bassline, alongside a whole load of muted vocal samples and what sounds like whale song, into an alluring groover which leads you on a merry dance and just begs to be heard over a high-quality soundsystem, due to the subtlety of the soundscape that he has deftly created.

Remix duties are taken car of by Dinky, whose Dinky Dub Remix takes This Moment on a different path altogether with added vocals and a catchy, frenetic synth line, and by NU, who drops the tempo and heads into percussive nirvana with a plethora of rhythmic elements added along with African instrumentation and subtle vocal samples.

All in all, this is a pleasure to listen to and for that reason I have no hesitation in awarding it top marks - it really is a release of the highest quality.

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 14 October


Review Score: 10




Tags: Crosstown Rebels, Serge Devant, Dinky, NU, tech house, tech-house