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See how Brooks & GRX made 'Boomerang'

Watch the full 40-minute tutorial inside

2017 Dec 20     
2 Bit Thugs

The video was filmed at Dancefair 2017, where Thijs Westroek held a Masterclass session

If you're a fan of the more big-room/EDM side of dance music, then you no doubt know Boomerang by now. It's a collaboration between Martin Garrix (under his GRX alias) and Brooks, AKA Dutch producer Thijs Westbroek, and is out now on STMPD Records.

Earlier this year, at the Dancefair conference in Utrecht, Brooks - not to be confused with the Derby-based deep house producer of the same name - hosted a Masterclass session in which he talked conference attendees through the process of making the track in painstaking detail. And as the video from that session has now been shared online, we figured we'd share it with you...






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