2016 Jul 14     
2 Bit Thugs

As ever, the emphasis is on seriously obscure gems known only to the most inveterate crate-diggers

Following successful volumes curated by Red Greg, Paul Phillips, James Glass and Nick The Record, long-term Dave Lee collaborator Sean P becomes the latest hardcore vinyl collector to be invited to showcase the fruits of his crate-diggin' labours in compilation form.

As with previous installments in the series, the emphasis here is on rarities, obscurities and forgotten gems. So much so that listing the featured artists is almost pointless, because you're unlikely to have heard of any of them! It's also perhaps a wider-ranging compilation than previous volumes. Where Glass's Volume 3, for instance, focused on gospel-flavoured soul and disco cuts, here Sean P casts his net much wider. So while early 80s boogie does dominate to some extent, you can expect a range of flavas, from Ed Watson & His Brass Circle's boogaloo/barrio funk nugget Roforofo Fight to the party rap of JP Robinson's Y'Shua, and from the Afro stylings of Medina & Mensah's Kowree Sambazzi to the languid jazz-funk of George & Glen Miller's Easing.

As is the case with many compilations, such diversity proves both a weakness and a strength. On the plus side, you're certainly not going to get bored by hearing 27 soundalike tracks in a row; on the other hand, all but those with the most eclectic tastes are likely to find there are certain tracks that draw their hand towards the Skip button. But such is the nature of the compilation beast. For this reviewer, at least, there are enough certified gems here - see, for instance, Nostromo's wigged-out space disco jam Around The World In 80 Seconds, or the gloriously 'cheesy in a good way' (We Are The) Stars by The Stars - to guarantee many repeat plays.

Words: Russell Deeks

Release date: 15 July


Review Score: 8




Tags: Sean P, Under The Influence, Z Records, Latin, boogie, disco, Afro