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Schoolly D classic reissued

'PSK'/'Gucci Time' back on vinyl after 30 years

2 Bit Thugs

30th Anniversary Edition comes on clear-and-yellow vinyl with a sheet of stickers depicting Schoolly D's own distinctive artwork

Get On Down Records, who recently reissued a stack of classic Run DMC vinyl, have announced the reissue on vinyl of Schoolly D's landmark 1985 12-inch PSK/Gucci Time – a record that many credit with having kickstarted the whole gangster rap phenomenon.

Born in Philadelphia in 1962, Schoolly D was one of the most controversial rappers of the 80s, attracting the kind of tabloid hysteria usually reserved for murderers, rapists and Miley Cyrus, but that didn't stop his records selling by the bucketload and being featured in numerous films – notably the classic Christopher Walken gangster movie King Of New York. He released seven albums between 1985 and 1995, but has put out just two since – 2000's Funk 'N Pussy and 2010's International Supersport.

Now, 30 years on, Get On Down are re-releasing his breakout single PSK/Gucci Time in a deluxe sleeve featuring Schoolly D's own hand-drawn artwork, more of which can be found on a sticker set that's tucked away inside along with a nice chunky slab of clear-and-yellow vinyl.

Demand's likely to be high, so if you want one we suggest you, er, get on down to pronto!





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