2019 Aug 25     
2 Bit Thugs

Joseph Keevil makes his full-length Awesome Soundwave debut

He's a prolific fella, that Joseph Keevil. We think this is his seventh album, but it's hard to tell… 

With at least six albums under his belt so far, then, you should have a pretty good idea what to expect by now. You'll be expecting tough-ish, no-frills house and techno with the Roland TR-303 much in evidence – and you'd be right. But while Saytek's distinctive sound may be well established by now, there's always room for improvement, and it has to be said that this, his first full-length for Carl Cox and Christopher Coe's Awesome Soundwave label, may well be his finest output yet.

There's plenty of variety on offer, for one thing – impressively so, for an artist whose general MO is so well-defined. Improvisations starts off in (essentially) acid house territory with the likes of opener Spherical and Soul Machines, then gets progressively harder as it goes on, so that by the time you get to cuts like Fixed Interval and Hard Chord (the album's last-but-three and -two tracks, respectively) you're in full-on, muscular techno territory – though, crucially, there's always enough of a groove that househeads needn't be frightened off, either.

Carl Cox recently declared Saytek one of his most-played artists ever (he recently dropped no fewer than seven Saytek jams in a single set). There's a reason the big man's so impressed, so if you're not down with Keevil's back catalogue already, this is the perfect time to get involved – you're quite likely gonna be impressed, too.

Words: Russell Deeks

Release date: 23 August



Review Score: 8




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