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Say hello to Epica Bass

Sam Spacey's been getting bass-y - and now he feels Epica!

2015 Dec 08     
2 Bit Thugs

New bass synth for Kontakt users comes from the same producer that brought you Epica Virtua Sound Module

Sam Spacey Epica Bass is a new analog bass synth library for Kontakt users. As the name subtly hints, it comes from Sam Spacey, the man behind the acclaimed Epica Virtual Sound Model. But where Epica VSM's strength lay in the sheer variety of instruments, this new instrument is, to coin a phrase, all about that bass.

The instrument was created by sampling a large collection of vintage bass synths and bass sounds from various modular synths, including an Apr Odyssey Mk 3, Pro 1, CS-30, Oakley modular, SEM, Future Retro, Matrix 6r and more. All the recordings were made or processed using a Neve preamp, Kush Audio Elektra EQ and and a collection of boutique guitar pdeals.

The end result is a virtual instrument with 26,657 24-bit mono samples onboard, grouped into 430 Epica instruments, not to mention three LFOs, six filters, four synth parameter pages, an arpeggiator page and a complete FX rack containing a delay, convolution reverb, SSL EQ, 1176 compressor, flanger, chorus and bitcrusher.

The full package is available now as a 4.9GB download from It's priced at £89, or £79 if you get in before the introductory offer ends on 17 December. Note that you'll need 4GB of RAM and Win 7/Mac OS X 9 or above to run it… and Kontakt, obviously.





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