2018 Sep 13     
2 Bit Thugs

Polish producer VONDA7 takes care of remix duties

Sasha’s Smoke Monk was the standout track from his recent well-received fabric 99 compilation, and is a perfect example of the thought-provoking yet danceable productions he's been creating of late.

It comes in the form of an Original Mix and a remix by VONDA7. First up is the Original, which starts with a tribal drum intro and grows with distant pads and a peppy bassline that gives it a swung feel. As the pads become more prominent in the mix, the track hits a mini-breakdown which ushers forth a repeated keyboard note and a melodic topline. It's a fairly minimal track but still has a lot going on, and there's great attention to detail as he introduces new sounds that compliment what's already there.

The VONDA7 Remix has a beefed-up kick and is accompanied by a repeating synth note. This mix still has a tribal feel but the sound is 'bigger' somehow, and demands your attention with 303s, claps and atmospheric sounds that drive it ever forward to new highs. It's also perhaps more obviously floor-friendly than the original - although both are solid dancefloor workouts, and I’m sure both will garner a great deal of DJ support.

I have no favourite as both work on so many levels, making this release one that deserves to be checked out and indeed played by many - in my opinion, this is Sasha at his best.

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 14 September



Review Score: 8




Tags: Sasha, VONDA7, fabric 99, Last Night On Earth, techno