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Sasha enters "a new phase"

Genre-hopping 'LUZoSCURA' mix comp coming in May

2021 Mar 17     
2 Bit Thugs

The album features tracks from lau.ra, MJ Cole, Rival Consoles and more

Today saw the release of HNDI, the latest single from Sasha. The single is taken from his forthcoming mix compilation LUZoSCURA, which we're told “signals a refreshing phase in his career” as he explores lower and non-4/4 tempos. The album is out on Alkaane/!K7 on 7 May.

LUZoSCURA is very much a product of lockdown, and has been compiled from tracks – many from up-and-coming artists rather than big names – that wouldn't fit into Sasha's normal club sets, from amient and breaks to techno and electronica. After first compiling a load of such material on a playlist for his own personal enjoyment, he then did a livestreamed DJ set using the tracks last summer, and this album has been put together in response to the positive feedback he received.

Sasha said: "The compilation process was an amazing experience in connecting with newer, budding artists I wouldn’t normally receive music from. From this new project, I want people to be ready for something beyond the 4x4 kick drum, something which goes in different directions. Mixing it was quite different to the standard progression that I’m used to when I DJ, because the beauty of the LUZoSCURA sound is that it jumps between breakbeat to melodic to ambient, yet it still flows.”

Two more singles from the album, coming from MJ Cole and lau.ra, will be released on 14 April, and Sasha will also be presenting a series of LUZoSCURA-themed radio shows on Ibiza-based OpenLab.FM, starting this Friday. 

The full tracklist for the album is as follows:

1. Sasha - Corner Shop [digital exclusive]
2. DJ P - Power
3. BAILE - Gone
4. Trypheme - Music For An Imaginary Fashion Society
5. Just Her & Nolan. Keisha Mair - Breathe You
6. Sasha & Franky Wah - I’ll Never Change
7. Reserve Parachute - Dark Sky
8. MJ Cole - Maestro
9. lau.ra - I’ll Wait
10. QRTR - Forest Sprint
11. Enui - Us
12. The Micronaut - Koelsa
13. Jody Barr feat. Felicia Douglass - Accidental Lovers
14. BOA - Essence
15. Polymod - Cycles
16. Rival Consoles - Not Really
17. Cortese - Circles
18. Nocow - Atent
19. Sasha - HNDI
20. Alex Banks - Resurgence
21. Felsmann + Tiley - Yin/Yang






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