2016 Dec 27     
2 Bit Thugs

Remixes come from Simztec & Dubz, Mogi Wa Wa and Fix

This house release comes fully loaded with an original and three remixes, and all four pass muster with ease.

First up is the Original Mix, which has a percussive intro with sirens, vocal stabs and old school rave-y synth sounds. Said intro leads to a female vocal, backed by a solid funky bassline and swung percussion and comprised of cut-up samples which work really well and give it a great old-school house feel. Next comes the SimzTec & Dubz Future Mix, which dispenses with the retro feel and brings things up-to-date with rising synth riffs, the cut-up vocals and an acidic vocal breakdown.

The third mix is the Mogi Wa Wa Remix, which takes it back to the old school with the vocal harmonised with a detuned version of itself which works a treat, a funky electro bass backbeat and more swung percussion. And then finally you have the Fix Mix, which takes a more musical approach, with an arpeggiated synth riff and subtle old-school slabs of sound which give it all a dubbier feel. It's the most laidback pass on offer and doesn't have the immediate energy of the other three, but that's no bad thing as it's a nice change and will appeal to a different audience.

Picking a favourite here is hard, as they're all really good in their own way, but at a push I'd plump for the Original - it has so much going on and I know it will get the best reaction out on the dancefloor.

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 19 December



Review Score: 9




Tags: Sam Whitmore, Sweep The Floor Records, SimzTec & Dubz, Mogi Wa Wa, Fix, house