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"Theme From S-Express (Remixes)"

Label: Hot Creations

2017 Oct 08     
2 Bit Thugs

Three fresh rubs of a very, very familiar classic

S-Express's 1988 classic really is the gift that keeps on giving, isn't it? The last two years alone have seen new mixes from Supermen Lovers and Tom Furse (of The Horrors), both of which were plenty playable, and now here come another fresh set of re-rubs from Tuff City Kids and Detlef, courtesy of Hot Creations.

Tuff City Kids (AKA Gerd Janson and Philip Lauer) are up first, with a languid, chuggy take that brings the pianos to the fore for the first 2.5 minutes, then chucks in a hefty dose of acid for good measure. Greek producer Detlef's UK Version takes a slightly more surreptitious approach, opening with tuff, driving 4/4s that'll mix well into a contemporary house/tech-house set and only starting to bring in more recognisable moments around the 1:35 mark - look out for some surprised grins on the floor when they take hold! The baton's then handed back to Janson and Lauer for a Tuff City Kids Acid Dub Remix that probably doesn't actually require much explaining...

There's a quote from S-Express main man Mark Moore on the hype sheet that says: "Do we really need another remix of Theme From S'Express? I thought not, but then I heard the mixes by Tuff City Kids and Detlef and I really couldn't wait to play them out." Suffice to say, this reviewer knows exactly where he's coming from!

Words: Russell Deeks

Release date: 6 October



Review Score: 8




Tags: S-Express, Tuff City Kids, Detlef, Gerd Janson, Philip Lauer, Mark Moore, Hot Creations