2019 May 24     
2 Bit Thugs

The result is an EP that will delight the soulful house lovers, says Danny Slade

Roy Davis Jr & Terry Dexter’s Just A Little Bit Of Love from 2017 gets a makeover for 2019, including new reworks from the legendary Kenny Dope and Soul Clap’s Lonely C. Soulful house fans will not be disappointed as this one has three mixes featuring the high quality vocals of Terry Dexter, and it's a pleasure to listen to from start to finish. 

First up is the Original Mix, which starts with the track's main riff being played staccato on an organ, joined by clickety-click drums and then the excellent vocal, which is sweet-sounding with the quality just shining through. Next we have the Kenny Dope Remix, which starts with distorted percussion, adds the chords on an electric piano, brings in the soulful vocals and later on adds a subtle electric guitar part. The production is minimal as the vocal is such a massive hook it doesn't need much more. Then we have the Lonely C Remix, Lonely C being the brainchild of multi-talented musician and DJ Charles Levine from US duo Soul Clap. He puts in a sterling performance with an intro full of ethnic percussion and panned sounds, then the vocal comes in right at the front of the mix, and again not much more is needed as the quality vocal just shines through. Finally you get the Lonely C Remix Instrumental, which is self explanatory and still sounds good – just not as good as the vocal version.

If you're after a proper high-quality vocal house track on your next download session I strongly recommend you check this one out. I don't have a favourite as all three vocal mixes are so good and even the instrumental is worth a spin!

Words: Danny Slade 

Release date: 20 May


Review Score: 8




Tags: Roy Davis Jr, Terry Dexter, Griffintown Records