2020 Aug 01     
2 Bit Thugs

Denver producer Kiser, who's also one-half of Need & Necessity, makes his Bondage-Music debut

If you're looking for some more "traditional" deep house goodness this week then you could do a lot, lot worse than this four-track EP from Denver-based producer Ross Kiser, who is also one-half of the duo Need & Necessity.

Altrus is up first. Altrus centres around a dubwise bassline that's married to crisp percussion and topped with all manner of warm, rounded synth chords and pads, the end result being a track that's tailormade for keeping deep house floors moving through the wee small hours. D'Ni is up next, and is presented in two mixes: Kiser's original is quite similar in its MO to Altrus, while the remix from Arkady Antsyrev takes us into slightly twitchier, bassier, more minimal-leaning territory. The EP's then completed by Why Not, which again is in a similar vein to the first two – it's just that little bit pacier, and also features the EP's only vocal (a man's voice posing the titular question).

The term "deep house" is much abused these days, getting applied to everything from chart-friendly "tropical house" to weirdy leftfield electronica. This EP, though, is the real deal, and comes packed full of dreamy small-hours dancefloor goodness. True deep house lovers should check it immediately.

Words: Russell Deeks

Release date: 27 July



Review Score: 8




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