2018 Mar 04     
2 Bit Thugs

One mix is all you'll need to invoke that old school euphoric feeling, says Danny Slade

A fine trancer here with no information about its origins, so the music will have to do the talking for itself. There's only the one mix, but that's all you need for total dancefloor devastation and that old school, arms-in-the-air euphoric trance feeling.

Two Way Trust starts off with a booming kick and a galloping synth bassline; then in comes the acid and a massive riser that takes you to the main body of the track, which is an instrumental with whooshes and sci-fi FX that take you to an emotional breakdown, where a melancholy piano takes centre-stage. It then comes crashing back in with a simple but effective synth melody that's packed with energy and should have them going crazy out on the floor. There's also a second breakdown with the same spine-tingling piano riff and a giant snare roll to take you back to the meat and bones of the track.

This is a real rollercoaster ride, complete with highs, lows and twisted bits. Together, they make for one compelling journey through all that is good about the trance genre, and I for one love it.

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 2 March



Review Score: 9




Tags: Rolfiek, Redux Recordings, trance