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Roland got game!

Roland develops iOS/Android game based on the TR-808 drum machine

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In TR-REC GAME, players build up dance tracks one part at a time, in a fashion that will be familiar to anyone who's played Guitar Hero

Roland is doing its bit to introduced a new generation of youngsters and newbies to dance music production, with the launch of TR-REC GAME, a free mobile game for iOS and Android devices based on the company's iconic TR-808 and TR-8 drum machines.

TR-REC GAME features 16 specially produced dance tracks, which the user is tasked with recreating. This involves tapping out the rhythm parts, in time, on a set of onscreen pads that mimic the layout of the original Roland hardware. As you move through the stages, the parts are layered up until the track is complete, at which point you move on to the next one, with 48 levels in total to complete.

If you make a mis-step, you lose a life – but don't worry, you can always try again! There are also Gain A Life and Auto Rhythm Entry functions to help the less rhythmically gifted, while in-app purchases enable you to add new levels and stages.

TR-REC GAME is available now from the Google and iOS app stores.





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