2016 Apr 19     
2 Bit Thugs

Album features the cream of Roger's remixes for other people as well as his own productions under numerous different aliases

The S-Man becomes the latest superstar DJ to feature in Strictly/Defected's Strictly X series with this three-CD set.

Now, if you say 'Roger Sanchez', I think firstly of a truly remarkable DJ who can rock a big house floor like no other. Secondly, of one of the nicest guys working in dance music – as anyone who's had dealings with him will attest, Roger is a true gent! 'Artist/producer' comes a definite third on that list, not because Roger doesn't make great records - see Luv Dancin' (as Underground Solution), I Need You (as Nu Solution) or Release Yourself (as Transatlantic Soul, though oddly that's not included here) for proof that he does - but simply because, compared to some of his contemporaries, he's generally concentrated more on DJing and remixing than on releasing a million and one records.

And this, it turns out, is both Strictly Roger Sanchez's weakness, and its greatest strength. Weakness because, compared to other, similar Strictly/House Masters comps, there aren't quite as many big obvious hits here to sell the album to the masses. But also its greatest strength because, unlike some of those comps, you're far less likely to be paying for a bunch of tracks you already own, but in a different order, and far more likely to stumble on tracks and mixes you'd forgotten all about – see, for instance, Roger's Can You Feel The Dub? mix of Follow Me by Aly-Us - or never knew in the first place.

With CD1 comprising Roger's remixes for the likes of Billie Ray Martin, Drizabone, Incognito and Howie B, CD2 comprising 10 of his own productions and CD3 - 'The Strictly Years' – showcasing his output for Strictly Rhythm back in the day, this is a no-brainer for any lover of trad-style vocal house and tuff NY tribal beats.

Words: Russell Deeks

Release date: 22 April



Review Score: 8




Tags: Roger Sanchez, Strictly Rhythm, Underground Solution, Nu Solution, Billie Ray Martin, Drizabone, Incognito