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Rob Papen releases Go2 soft synth

A new virtual instrument built with ease-of-use in mind

2018 May 10     
2 Bit Thugs

Go2 will keep all its controls visible, all of the time

New from acclaimed virtual instrument and plug-in designer Rob Papen comes Go2, a soft synth that's been designed to be the company's most user-friendly product yet.

As Papen himself explains: "The Rob Papen brand contains many synthesizers with a different focus and types of synthesis. However, they have one thing in common, which is a vast number of features. A creative synthesizer which has all controls visible, and - in many cases - easier to use out of the box, was still missing. And now it’s here."

Go2 features a single oscillator with a choice of two waveforms, plus a Morph function with which you can combine the two. "The oscillator also has a Sub oscillator that offers two waveforms," continues Papen, "and by using Spread the single oscillator turns into two oscillators, which detune from each other. The XY has many additional features, and next to the oscillator Morph you can also address it to the other parameters contained in Go2."

Other features include a filter section with four filter types, an arpeggiator, an onboard sequencer and Chorus, Flanger/Phaser and Delay/Reverb FX. The synth can operate in Monophonic, 16-voice Polyphonic, Legato, Arp and Unison modes. Most importantly, all of the synth's controls are visible in the UI at all times, so there should be no more disappearing down sub-menu rabbit holes.

Rob Papen Go2 is available now as a 32- or 64-bit AAU/AU/VST plug-in for Mac and Windows, priced €49/$49. For full details, see the Rob Papen website.






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