2016 Jan 26     
2 Bit Thugs

Three tracks make up the Italian don's new EP, one of which features a very familiar vocal...

Snatch! Records boss Riva Starr serves up a three-track EP for the mighty Defected here.

Raw Feel is up first, a down n' dirty house chugger that reaches into the bag marked "once widely-used samples you haven't heard in ages" and pulls out the vocal from Ralphi Rosario's 1987 classic You Used To Hold Me, then pairs it with suitably old-skool pianos. The Superdope itself is a more contemporary-sounding houser, a big n' strutty affair that it'd be tempting describe as having G-house overtones, if that term didn't seem to have vanished from the collective vocabulary almost as quickly as it arrived! Finally, Body Movin' has tuff, rolling drums, a nice chunky bassline, parping organ chords and scratching sounds, topped with a looped male "bodies moving" vocal sample.

All three tracks here will move house floors without a doubt, but to these ears it's Raw Deal that's the standout.


Release date: 25 January


Review Score: 8




Tags: house music, Defected, G-house, Riva Starr, Snatch! Records