2019 Jul 22     
2 Bit Thugs

Swedish duo Rikky Disco make their debut with a track that's got 'Ibiza' written all over it

Steve Kotey's long-running Bear Funk label serve up a summer Balearic disco anthem in the making, coming courtesy of Swedish duo Rikky Disco – from whom this, rather excitingly, is the first-ever release.

In its Original form, Getting High is a chirply lil' disco-house hip-wiggler, announcing its presence with a cheeky male "excuse me!" vocal snip right at the start before solid 4/4s, sprightly house pianos, funky bass licks and disco geetar chops slowly build the track's backbone. Around 2.5 minutes in there's a breakdown with a spoken female "please don't put me on hold" snip, other vocal fragments and string stabs, while the vocal that gives the track its title – a lazy, chorus'd female "getting high in the summertime" – doesn't actually arrive until the last two minutes.

Remix-wise you get two from Russian duo Kim & Buran and one apiece from Ichisan and One Era. Kim & Buran's Electrohigh Remix gives the track an 80s electro makeover, while their Discohigh Remix treads a more down n' dirty, funkier path – as you'd expect from the mix titles, really – with both dropping the multifarious vocal bites of the original and using just the sung chorus. Ichisan's Boogie Mix ups the tempo slightly and rides more strident 4/4s, while living up to its title in the (analogue) synths department and adding a sprinkling of acid, too, and then last but by no means least, the One Era Remix is a more euphoric, blissed-out ride with hints of jazz-funk.

All five mixes are plenty playable here, so expect to be hearing this one a lot on disco floors this summer.

Words: Russell Deeks

Release date: 19 July



Review Score: 9




Tags: Rikky Disco, Bear Funk, Kim Buran, Ichisan, One Era, disco, nu-disco, disco house, Balearic