2016 Oct 15     
2 Bit Thugs

Waldliebe Familen continue to expore housier territories

Romanian minimal/tech-house label continue in their recent, more straight-up (deep) house vein with this two-tracker from Italy's Ricky KK, who's the man behind the HouseBeat label.

Just the two tracks to choose from. Midnight Dancer ain't nothing but a simple lolloping groove, in which the foreground is taken up by plinky-plonky organ sounds and the occasional snatch of sampled, spoken male vocal, while simple 4/4s augmented by twitchy, tribal percussion bubble away underneath. Flip it over and you'll find the intriguingly titled Snorkeling In Similan Island. Presented here in Morning Mix form, this takes even more of a 'keep it simple' approach than the A, its chunky 4/4s left unadorned this time while bleepy synths and aquatic sounds vie for your attention on top. Reverberating pads and FX serve to enhance the overall flotation tank feel.

You won't be humming either track all week long, admittedly. But for those longer sets, when you need something that'll keep 'em moving but don't want to floor it just yet, both are just the job.

Words: Russell Deeks

Release date: 19 October



Review Score: 8




Tags: Ricky KK, house, deep house, Waldliebe Familien