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Remix Mumdance, Falty DL and more!

Red Bull Music Academy launches online mixing board

2015 Dec 29     
2 Bit Thugs

You can also have a go at putting your stamp on cuts from Polar Inertia, Nightwave, Bambounou and Synkro

If you've ever fancied remixing some A-list talent but don't quite move in the sort of circles where that sort of thing becomes possible, then Red Bull Music Academy's new online mixing board could make your dreams come true.

Launched just before Christmas, the mixing board features tracks by Falty DL, Polar Inertia, Mumdance & Rabbit, Nightwave, Bambounou and Synkro, all of which you can manipulate to your heart's content. Er, well, as long as your heart's content with adjusting the BPM and controlling the balance between three different parts you can, anyway!

You can check out the mixing board here, but note that you'll need to be using Chrome to use it.





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