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rEJEKT give away their entire catalogue

Download their 15 EPs and singles to date, for free, from 8 August

2016 Jun 25     
2 Bit Thugs

The same date sees the release of a new EP from the label bosses themselves

rEJEKT Music, the label run by rEJEKTS, aka Iain Taylor and Mark Ashworth, will be dropping their 16th release, the Mescal EP from the label bosses, on 8 August.

That in itself wouldn't merit a mention in our News section, though. No, the real story here is that, to mark their 16th birthday - "our coming of age," as they put it - they're giving away their entire back catalogue for free. Nada. Zero pence or, if you're reading this in Europe or the US, zero cents.

Which is very generous of them, we're sure you're agree! You'll have to wait till 8 August to get the tracks, but once that date rolls around you'll be able to grab all 15 of rEJEKT's previous releases via their social media pages.

In the meantime, here's that forthcoming EP to listen to...


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