2017 Mar 17     
2 Bit Thugs

Remixes come from Made By Pete, Mintz and Sheffield veteran D Ramirez

Although the cover looks like Pink Floyd’s Dark Side Of The Moon album, that's where the similarity ends as what you have here are three slabs of house and tech-house goodness in a total of seven mixes.

First up is the original mix of Boundaries, which builds from a 4/4 percussive intro with ambient crowd noise into a piano-led house beauty with swirling synths and muted claps, all done in a way that has a groovy, calming effect. Secondly you have the Made By Pete remix, which takes it into tech-house territory with a quirkier feel, lots of rhythmic instrumentation and a longer intro and build-up before the piano riff comes in.

Next come three mixes of Zetta: the original and two remixes from D Ramirez. The original is a higher-tempo track with string samples and warm synths, but the track really comes alive for me on the D Ramirez Dub Mix, which is another tech-houser but with an ultra-funky slap bassline, vocal samples, snare rolls and diverse sounds interjected throughout the whole track.

Finally you have Virus CDEF, which comes in two mixes. The Original is a futuristic houser with swirling eerie synths, low bass synth stabs and a haunting piano line as the main hook, while the Mintz Remix is a builder with deep bass tones and low synth stabs that lead to the main riff, which is deconstructed to very good effect.

This release may have a lot of mixes of three tracks but it's all rather sublime and very playable as the quality of the said tracks and mixes is so high. I don’t have a favourite as there's just too much quality with this release, which I suspect is going to become a bit of a classic.

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 10 April



Review Score: 9




Tags: Redux Saints, Krafted Underground, D Ramirez, Made By Pete, Mintz, tech house, tech-house