2017 Nov 20     
2 Bit Thugs

There's just the one mix, but it's all you'll need

Sometimes, the simplest house tracks can be the most effective, and this tasty little bass houser from Tainted Buddah Records is a case in point.

Holidays opens with a hefty, speed garage-esque bassline and echoing male "ye-eahs", then slowly brings in percussion over the course of the first minute before finally introducing a nagging piano riff and some synth-strings straight out of the Italo-house playbook circa 1992. And that's it. It builds in some places and drops in others, sure, but all this record really is, is a piano riff, a fat bassline and some beats... and it kicks like the proverbial equine quadraped, the bottom end hefty enough to make ass-shaking mandatory while those gloriously retro pianos and spangly strings lend it a euphoric sheen that so much grittier, grimier music of its ilk lacks.

With a tune that is as simple as this, longevity may be an issue, but floor-slaying potential certainly isn't.

Words: Russell Deeks

Release date: 18 November


Review Score: 8




Tags: React2mens, B.Wheel, Tainted Buddah Records, house, speed garage, bass house