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RANE upgrades turntablist range

Introducing the SEVENTY-TWO Mk II and TWELVE Mk II

2020 Aug 07     
2 Bit Thugs

The SEVENTY-TWO boosts DVS flexibility while the TWELVE is now suitable for non-Serato jocks

RANE has upgraded its SEVENTY-TWO battle mixer and TWELVE DJ controller, with the Mk II versions of both set to go on sale very soon.

The SEVENTY-TWO mixer – pretty much the go-to choice for top-level turntablists these days – now features an external crossfader tension-adjust (previously, crossfader tension could only be adjusted by removing the external casing) and new ultra-light MAG FOUR faders.

The parameter controls next to the pads also now offer additional performance options including Silent Cue, Instant Double and Sync, while both the Aux and Phono/CD inputs on each channel can now be used as DVS inputs. Previously only the Phono/CD input could be used for DVS, which meant users of control vinyl (eg for Serato) couldn't ALSO use regular vinyl; now, they can!

The TWELVE controller, meanwhile, can now be used with Traktor and Virtual DJ as well as Serato. There's also a new OLED screen and a new 'plunger-style' Stop/Start button, as well as various tweaks to the navigation controls.

All other features on the two machines remain unchanged from the original Mk I versions.

Both units will go on sale in Q3 (so, very soon), priced $1,899/£1,750/€2,000 for the SEVENTY-TWO Mk II and $899/£730/€850 for the TWELVE Mk II.

For more information, watch the videos below, or see RANE's own website.






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