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Ralph Lawson is leaving Back To Basics

It's the end of a 28-year residency

2020 Jan 16     
2 Bit Thugs

Lawson says he wants more time to focus on other projects

Back To Basics main man Ralph Lawson has announced that he is leaving the club he set up with Dave Beer and Alistair Cooke all the way back in 1991.

Lawson announced the news in a lengthy blog post, in which he discusses the birth of Back To Basics, his 28-year residency there (he reckons he's played somewhere over 700 Basics parties) and the role of residents in the current clubbing landscape.

The post's certainly worth a read – not least because it sort of turns into a potted history of club culture in the middle – but the TL;DR? version is that, with the club resident a less central figure in the current climate, it makes more sense for him to concentrate on other projects right now. He also stresses his continued good relationship with Dave Beer and the rest of the Back To Basics crew.

Those other projects include a series of Basics-themed DJ mixes, a vinyl compilation of Back To Basics classics and, of course, inner city electronic, the multi-venue electronic music conference-cum-festival that he's been running in Leeds since 2017.





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